SA’s only brain-centred football academy that develops a player’s intelligence on and off the field and sets them on a pathway
of success. 

“The professional game is no longer dependent on physical ability alone but, more so than ever, on a player’s intelligence.”

Sean Szabo, Founder of IQ Football

Are you struggling to find elite brain-centred football training in South Africa that trains a player for the professional game?

Q. Do you want to train like a professional and up your game mentally and physically?

Q. Are you looking for an internationally developed brain-centred football curriculum that will positively affect your game and your life?

Q. Are you looking for a coach & mentor that is invested in each unique player? Habits off the field affect the game; the right training on the field affects the pathway of your life. 

Whether you’re a parent looking for elite football training from coaches who mentor children (regardless of their current level of football); a club player looking to raise their game to the next level; or a player wanting to seek football scholarships in the USA, we have the pathway for you. 

For Beginners and Experts

The modern world is too demanding to tackle without intelligence

Every player deserves a good start to gain confidence, technical skills and a strong mind in our ever-changing, fast-paced, modern world.

We believe that every player is uniquely intelligent. In fact, the latest research shows that intelligence is not fixed. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.
Our brain-centred curriculum utilises the latest research to maximise a player’s learning habits, and to bring out the best of their unique physical, technical and mental intelligence.
At IQ Football, we emphasise the importance that all players should be coached to realise their value, purpose and intelligence. 
Why IQ Football?

Brain-Centred Curriculum

Individualised Attention

Coaches who mentor

We understand the need for players to be mentored to thrive in the complex modern world. We’re passionate about giving players the best opportunity to master the game through brain-centred training, so they can gain elite-level technical football skills, build strong mindsets and become intelligent players on and off the field

Academy Training

IQF Soccer Clinics

Online Mentorship Academy

How we develop intelligent players on and off the field

Brain-Centred Football Curriculum

Our curriculum and IQ. Tools have shown proven results that improve the technique and mental processes of a player.


Intelligence is not fixed. We help players understand how to use their mind to create neural connections that positively impact their game, and life.

Player-Centred Model

We help unlock the player’s confidence through guided discovery, using the game as the teacher & small-sided games. 


The football field is a perfect environment to help guide a player’s physical, psychological, cognitive and social development.

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IQF tools to supercharge your cognitive and technical development

Players who practise at home have more opportunity to increase their ball mastery skills and confidence. Our IQF tools are tailor-made to take a player’s game to the next level. 

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