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Our brain-centred curriculum has been developed to take a player’s talent to the next level. If you’re serious about the game and you’re wanting to train like a professional, this is the curriculum you need.



Your mindset will determine how you perform on and off the field. Confidence, resilience, and belief set up a player’s thought-life and as such, their habits, distinguishing them from those who haven’t focussed on the mental side of the game.



Memory, decision making and the ability for a player to analyse the most important information on a field are key factors for the future of the game. Developing these skills with the right training is critical to raising your level of talent.

Small Group Academy Training

35 – 60 min.

Each session has a specific time slot tailored to the player’s age.


We highly value individualised attention, where coaches focus on each player’s needs and goals.

2 – 13 y/o

Each player will be placed into a group that suits their age and development. 

IQ Football Academy Training offers players of all abilities the opportunity to improve their skills, reach their goals and gain confidence.

Our Academy Training uses a brain-centred football curriculum that takes a player through technical and ball mastery skills, physical fitness and health, and game and mindset intelligence.

Each player is placed in a group dependent on his/her age as well as ability. Assessments and feedback are given on a yearly basis.

Payment Structure

Age 2 – 5

One session/week



Two sessions/week



Three sessions/week



Age 6+

One session/week



Two sessions/week



Three sessions/week



Payment Structure

Age 15+

One session/week



Two sessions/week



Three sessions/week



Four sessions/week



IQ Football Academy Curriculum


Ball mastery and control, dribbling and running with the ball, passing accuracy, body movement.

Physical Fitness & health

Agility, balance and coordination, speed, power and strength.

Game Intelligence

Spatial awareness and memory, risk assessment and decision making.


Belief, resilience, integrity, composure, confidence, coachability, motivation.


Discipline to set goals and reach them.

Brain-centred soccer training

Our IQ Football coaches create an environment that encourages players to thrive on and off the field by mastering IQ Football’s five pillars spelt in our acronym – BRAIN.

Players learn the power of BELIEF, RESILIENCE to overcome any challenge and bounce back after any loss, ACCURACY to be achieved in all their technical, physical and mental work, INTEGRITY to themselves and their team, and finally players learn how to harness their unique intelligence through understanding and practising techniques that harness NEUROPLASTICITY on and off the field.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that we can answer your most pressing questions, but if your question is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to email Sean at or call him on +27 (0) 79 607 6101

How do I sign up?
  1. Complete the contact form.
  2. We’ll be in touch with training times and membership options.
  3. Sign the registration form to start training.

To begin this process, navigate to the register page.

What is the Annual Membership fee?

Annual Membership is compulsory, and is an annual once-off fee charged separately from your training fees. 

The following options are available:

R480 Once-Off Payment

R580 Once-Off Payment (Valued at R600)
Kit + Size-4 Football

R930 Once-Off Payment (Valued at R980).
Kit + IQ. Ball (ball on a string)

Why should I send my children to IQ Football?

Players are being raised in a fast-paced world that demands their full capacity but their environment is not conducive to their growth. Screen-time is debilitating their concentration, fine-motor skills and social abilities.

IQ Football uses brain-centred training to equip the players of today to be able to thrive as adults in their complex future. 

IQ Football is South Africa’s only brain-centred soccer academy that develops a players’ unique intelligence with benefits showing on, and off, the field, setting them on a pathway of success. The professional game is no longer dependent on physical ability alone but, more so than ever, on a player’s brain. Training through an internationally developed curriculum under an FA qualified head coach enables players to reach their mental and physical potential.

The IQ Football Academy curriculum develops intelligent players for the professional game by utilising the latest research in cognitive football training methods, neuroscience, the player-centred model and mentoring.

Whether you’re a parent looking for professional football training from coaches who mentor children (regardless of their current level of football); a club player looking to raise their game mentally and physically; or a player wanting to seek football scholarships in the USA, we have the pathway for you.

How many times a week do we train?

We offer players the opportunity to train 1 – 4 times per week. The choice is yours. If your schedule permits it, training as often as possible per week will help accelerate a player’s growth.

What is brain-centred training?

Brain-centred training is a form of learning that is based on the latest scientific research on how the brain learns. It was once believed that intelligence was a fixed characteristic that barely changes throughout one’s life. This has now been refuted. There is a physical change in the brain when it learns, which is now known as neuroplasticity. Learning in an effective way improves brain-functioning, resilience and intelligence.

Football is a complex sport which presents multiple opportunities to develop cognitively. 

The concept behind IQ Football is to develop intelligent players by utilising the latest academic research in: Neuroscience, Brain-Centred Football Training, Player-Centred Training and Coaching and Mentoring. The aforementioned methods help speed up and improve the mental processes of a player, including: concentration, spatial awareness, and speed of thought.

Brain-centred training has a hugely beneficial effect on the player in terms of football development. Their technique and skills improve quicker as a consequence of working on challenging mental drills. In addition, the positive effect on mental capacities are not necessarily sport specific – attributes such as belief, resilience, decision making, awareness, attunement and working under pressure are also improved.

Enrollment and Payment
  1. All group training is charged monthly regardless of attendance.
  2. Fees are charged monthly in advance, and are due by the 7th of the month.
  3. Termination of membership shall be subject to one month’s written notice and payment thereof.
What are IQ. Tools?

We’re always looking at ways to help ‘develop intelligent players’ – on and off the field, so we created ‘tools’ to assist in your child’s cognitive development.

  1. Ball – R500: The IQ. Ball has been shown to improve: attention and concentration, technique, perception, coordination and timing.
  2. IQ. Branded Size 4 Football – R120: Enabling your child to play at home gives them more opportunity to increase their ball mastery skills and confidence.

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We only offer a free trial session to those signing up for our Academy Training.
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